Monday, March 18, 2013

Greensboro Bands

I'm looking for Greensboro area bands and musicians to include in the story. If you're interested send an e-mail to Don't bother if you're not from the Piedmont Triad.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Andy, The Alarm Rooster

If you've been reading then you already know I'm writing real people into imaginary situations but what you might not realize is that some of the situations are very much real. For example, the bear scene in episode #41. Hellphone actually happened to me. And before you ask, yes it did scare the crap out of me.

Most recently I added Ms Bobbie Sonner, to fill in for me back home while my character is on the lam.You'll also notice I recently included a real performance by the Raving Knaves, a great Punk Rock band from right here in Greensboro, North Carolina. And the places are real too.

Soon I'll introduce you to Andy, the Alarm Rooster. He'll become part of the story as well. Andy is also real and lives in my back yard along with Mr Green Jeans and the rest of my flock. I didn't plan on having 2 roosters but growing up Andy didn't exhibit any traits of being a male so I thought Andy was an Annie. Andy would squat in submission just like the hens when Mr Green Jeans, myself or the dominant hens touched him, run from everything that moved and in his youth was the easiest bird to handle I've ever owned. He used to follow me all over the yard, jump in my lap anytime I sat down and loved to be petted-- behaviors very uncommon for roosters. And while Andy doesn't warm up to people the way he used to he is still what folks would consider a very gentle rooster.

But Andy has this peculiar habit unlike any other rooster I've ever owned. At night, whenever anyone or anything other than my cat walks into my yard, Andy starts crowing his fool head off. 'Possum, raccoon, prowler, me, anything other than that black feral cat and Andy goes off in about 2 seconds flat. Mr Green Jeans, he sleeps right through it but not young Andy.

When it comes to watching out for hawks and finding food for the flock Andy is just about useless. He's oblivious to threats from overhead and digging in the garden? He acts as he might be afraid he'll get his feet dirty. Only one hen in the entire flock will allow him to mate with her, the rest chase him across the yard pulling out his tail feathers every time he tries. And fighting off a predator? Andy runs from the squirrls so that ain't going to happen. I swear I think I've seen the cat laughing at him. But it was just about the time that I was deciding that Andy was going to have to go that he started displaying this newfound talent for working nights as a security guard so with that in mind I've decided to keep him on a little longer.

After all, Andy works for chicken feed.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Products With A Story

It's a new way, real motorcycles, real products made locally in North Carolina and real people combined with fiction coming soon at The story is already unfolding, the shop is real and the products will be soon. It's taken a lifetime to put it all together and there's still a lot to do but in the next few hours the story will begin to be told and in the next few months the products will be sold. Or, we'll fail again but we'll never give up trying.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

I've Added Comments

Now you can comment on the blog posts here at When I Were A Motorcycle. Of course, in keeping with not allowing others to disrupt the story you won't be able to comment on the story posts directly but you can always comment on a story post in any blog post or by e-mailing me at

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Norton Commando Transformer by Steve Twist

Was this the inspiration for When I Were A Motorcycle? I don't think it was but being I first saw it a couple of years ago it could have been hiding somewhere in the back of my mind. I don't doubt that as writers we are somehow influenced by everything that has come before us. As to where influence ends and inspiration begins... well, I guess I'll let you figure that out on your own.

Now wasn't that fun? I wish I could have used it in the story.

Thoughts So Far?

I guess a few of my readers are wondering just who the Tall White Aliens happen to be. For that and how we rid our city of them you'll just have to wait, no spoilers here.

I do plan to go back later and add more photographs and video to the story. If you have pictures of any of the characters doing crazy stuff send them to and I'll see if I can dream up a way to write them into the story. Please, no evidence unless it's against the Tall White Aliens. Any crimes my friends have committed are water under the bridge and paid for a long time ago. Besides, odds are good I already know about it.

You'll notice I've been referencing real places in the text of the story. That's because I like these places or they're places I go. As the story grows and our travels expand you can expect to see more. I've even considered commercial placements like is done in television and movies but thus far haven't done so.

Some of the inventions mentioned or variations of said inventions are actually going to be produced in limited numbers in our Burlington shop. That's right. Steve, Wooley, Donny and I really do have a shop in Downtown Burlington. Steve actually owns the property but all of our tools are there and as soon as we finish a few more repairs on the 1930s brick building we'll get started building bikes and other things including the Wackemall 750, the first of many Wackemall Motorcycles we hope to build right here in North Carolina.

You see, while I like to consider myself creative, it's Donny, Steve and Wooley who really know how to build things. I come up with ideas, they strip away the nonsense and make it real. That's what they do at their full time jobs and why we believe that together the four of us can do almost anything. Besides, like I write in the book, we enjoy our time together.

Our long term goal is to eventually exceed our ability to produce and be forced to hire other local manufacturers to make our products for us while we distribute them to retailers. Of course, we'll start out with an online store but retail is not where we want to stay. We see manufacturing as a key driver of the economy and dream of bringing at least a little bit of manufacturing back home to North Carolina and the USA.

And if I have to start giving away all my books online for free to make it happen? Well, I've penned something over 40 titles thus far, might as well put them to good use.